Personal Video Coaching

This unlimited access to guidance and coaching from Claus is valid for 6 months from your purchase date.
You will receive a special email address explaining how it workes including how to you can send your questions about the courses and your own personal development directley to Claus Levin.
Claus Levin will shortly after personally answer your questions in short films you then alone have access to.

My Promise to you!

I get lots of questions every day about Personal Development. I try to address the general questions in short free videos on my Youtube channel. With this one-year offer, you now have the opportunity to get 1 to 1 coaching from me. It works by asking your question via text, audio recording or a movie. My answer comes as a short video just for you.

I promise that:

  • I answer all the questions you ask me.
  • the answer is as targeted and nuanced to you as possible
  • my answers are based on the principles I teach in my various courses and free videos
  • the answer from will comes as fast as it is possible for me!

I hope I see you on the other side for half a year of personal Coaching

Best Regards,

Claus Levin

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